Monday, April 29, 2013

51st MD Lions Convention, KL 27th April -28th April 2013

Voting delegates, President Jessie and Secretary Irene with PP Nancy Chai and DC Connie waiting to cast their votes

Secretary Irene, President Jessie and President Elect Andrew waiting for their turn

President Jessie and President Chai Jui Loon at the Eulogy service to remember our departed members

President Jessie representing the club at Eulogy service for our charter member, the Late Molly Yap
President Elect Andrew with members PP Caroline, PP Anne and PP Sheila @ the Banquet dinner

PE Andrew with PP Caroline and Lion Jane (incoming Secretary)

PE Andrew and IPP Vincent

President Jessie , President Andew, President Feliz and Secretary Irene

IPP Vincent , PP Alex and Treasurer Kristie

Metro and City handsome guys!

City's Ladies power

IPP Vincent, PP Caroline, Lion Jane, PP Sheila, PP Alex and PP Annie

PID Ellis and members from Metro and City
Fourteen  members attend the 51st MD Lions convention in KL from the 25-28th April 2013. Great fellowship and great company fostered the comradeship amongst the members. May this spirit of ONE continue to prevail in this coming fiscal year and years to come.

51st MD Lions Convention- Fellowship night 26th April 2013

ZC Sheila  with the three Outstanding Key Officers

Lion Jane receiving her District Fellow plaque from IPDG Dr Tan Tsu Kun

Three key officers with President Elect Andrew

ZC Sheila with IPP Vincent and President Elect (Metro) Mark after receiving the Region 1 Service award

Region 1 clubs at the fellowship

Once again, Lions Club of Kuching City comes up as one of the Outstanding Clubs in the District,continuing the legacy of its predecessors . Congratulations to all the three key officers on their individual Outstanding awards. Syabas! FY 2012-2013 has been an active year for the club. This achievement is a reflection of the effort of all the members who came together with one common goal- "We Serve".

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Region 1 Rural project at Kpg Bunan Gaga 7th April 13

Queue such as this starts forming as early as 7.30 am for the various health screening 
Kuching City ladies were in charged of registration for dental services

Leos  assisting in the reading glasses section

Queue for health screeming

Blood donors

Dental care in progress

"Lead by Example" - DG Chieng Eu Hea doing his bit for the community by donating blood

President Chong Nam Fah keeping a close eye on the students as they take their deworming tablets

Students registering for deworming tablets

PP Cecil giving out the deworming tablet

Pap Smear and breast examination

DG Chieng digging the hole to plant the tree

Some of the participants

DG leading the Presidents to release the fish fries into the clear cool stream

Bamboo shoots

Snails called "chut chut"

Ayam pansor (chicken in bamboo)

Nasi pansor (rice in bamboo )

Coconut "sim

Padi birds

All the twelve clubs in Region 1 ( Zone 1,2,3) participated in the Region 1 Rural Service Project at SK St Jude, Kpg Bunan Gaga. Dental service, deworming tablets,BMI, blood pressure and diabetes screening, donation of reading glasses, pap smear and breast examination, donation of a computer set with a printer,radio and DVD player, donation of school stationaries, flower pots and a 50 kg bag of fertilizer were carried out during the project. More than 1,000 participants came for the service project which ended around 1pm. District Governor Chieng Eu Hea  was the Guest of Honour. This project involved 18 villages in and around the area. The project ended with a feast of local delicacies cooked by the local Bidayuh community. President Jessie Ho, PP Annie Ho, PP Teresa Wu, PP Caroline Sim and ZC Sheila Kho attended the project.